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Enterprise Hub returns to reignite business growth in Carmarthenshire

Thanks to the financial assistance of the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund, the Hub is re-opening its doors to continue its mission of fostering entrepreneurial success in the local community.

Five things to keep in mind when recruiting staff for your growing business

It's important to be innovative in your recruiting process to make best use of your resources and time,

How to register a business in the UK (Part 2)

In the 2nd of this two-part blog we pick up on ways you can register your business.

How to register a business in the UK (Part 1)

When you register your business, you can choose a company structure depending on the type of business you aim to run.

How to build a successful Start Up

Here are a few tips for any aspiring small business owner should keep in mind, before looking to start up.

Why healthy Credit Scores matter

Whilst people are depending more on credit to make purchases and financial investments, knowing how to maintain a healthy credit score is vital.  What is a healthy credit score? Credit scores are financial tools that determine whether you will get loans, the interest rates you pay and so much more. Today, credit scores have become […]

How to improve your credit score

Credit scores have become such a crucial part of our financial lives and has become a metric to measure financial health.
Here are 6 ways you can improve your credit score:

Start Up Loans help women entrepreneurs pursue their dreams!

With women making up a third of UK entrepreneurs, Start Up Loans are encouraging more women to access funding to start their business.

We’re an official delivery partner one of the “Best Small Business Loans Providers 2022”

Forbes Advisor carried out research to identify the best loans available for small businesses.