Five things to keep in mind when recruiting staff for your growing business


Do you need to take on staff for your growing business? Are you looking for advice and funding to grow your team? Employing the right candidates, that have a similar vision for the business, becomes crucial at this stage especially when the people you will be looking to hire might also be juggling several job offers.

It’s important to be innovative in your recruiting process to make best use of your resources and time, as being in the early stages of business can mean having limited funds, and it’s important that you to manage your finances well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are hiring staff for your start up:

  1. Build an exciting work environment

    In today’s day and age when everything is digital, candidates will look out for details of the kind of work environment and culture you are looking to create. The kind of brand that you build will determine interest job seekers will have in joining your business. Ensure you have a good marketing and communications strategy to execute your recruiting and not just have random tweets or social media posts with job adverts.
  2. Define a recruitment budget and timeline

    In the early stages of starting up it is important to have a recruitment plan for the first year of your business, since it can take an average of 2-3 months to fill more senior positions and key roles. Senior positions tend to take longer to fill as you will be looking for specific qualities, that will hold a high level of responsibility and decision making. Apart from a recruiting plan, it’s important to have a budget allocated to salaries for all the positions you want to fill. You must also consider any additional payments for recruitment agencies, referrals, or other hiring sourcing platforms you use.
  3. Recruit top talent by looking in the right place

    It can be a challenging to understand where to start looking for the right employees. As a start up, you may not have an established brand or resources that well known businesses might have. Social media can become an important and inexpensive tool to attract more top talent to apply to your business. You can also work with recruiters who can help you expand the scope of your search and help you get highly qualified talent. It would also be useful to find networking events close by to expand your search horizon.
  4. Focus on the interview process

    You’ll receive numerous applications, so it’s crucial to narrow them down shortlisting candidates that broadly meet your requirement, then invite them for an interview to see if they are the right fit for you and your business. At this stage it is important that you understand exactly what you’re looking for and work towards the success of your ambitions as a company. Having a clear company culture and goal to aim for, will help you choose the person right for your objectives. Conduct holistic interviews to assess the calibre and potential of each candidate and be sure to check their backgrounds and references before making any offers.
  5. Have a structured onboarding process

    After recruiting your first employees and select your team, having a successful onboarding process will set the tone of your workplace culture, preparing them to undertake their tasks efficiently. It will also help them fit in their long-term growth plans as an employee. Prepare an induction checklist for your team to undertake, so that they are confident in the role they will be performing and provide them with the right kind of training and development exercises.

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