As we continue to contend with Covid 19 it is extremely important to update you regularly on the status of our Business in Focus properties.

Our sites remain open at present with our Property & Facilities Staff performing essential roles, to allow tenants access and providing services to them; albeit on a slightly reduced basis.

As a result of the outbreak, you will have noticed that we have been increasing the cleaning and sanitisation of our sites. To support this we would also ask that you continue to adhere to the Government advice on hand washing and consider the other practical steps you should take if you or a member of your workforce shows Symptoms of Covid 19. All of our staff are being regularly briefed on actions they can take to mitigate the risks presented by Covid 19.

Please be assured that we are monitoring the UK Government and NHS advice constantly. Should this lead to any changes in how we operate and what services we provide, we will advise all tenants and customers as early as possible. I recommend looking at the following sites:

Our business is currently dealing with the same levels of disruption and uncertainty as yours, so we understand the strain this puts on you and your staff. We are in discussions with Welsh Government and other relevant parties about what support, if any, we can offer at this time to our tenants. We are also looking at the commercial considerations and viability of any support we could provide and rest assured we are doing this urgently.
In the meantime, Welsh Government have recently announced measures to support businesses.

This is constantly changing so please visit for more information

Also keep an eye on for all further updates.

We are all suffering at present, but please be assured that Business in Focus is here to support you to the extent it can and we are doing all we can in the face of the continued spread of Covid 19.