Focus Futures awards £240,00 worth of funding to 180 Welsh businesses


Focus Futures recently awarded £240,000 worth of Green Goal funding to local start-ups and new small businesses who committed to greener practices within their business.

Working in partnership with 12 local authorities across Wales, the Focus Futures pilot provides support to local people to overcome barriers, develop entrepreneurial skills and build the confidence to consider self-employment. The project will also support independent businesses who have faced struggles through COVID-19. The Green Goal Award initiative is to encourage ‘green thinking’ and to help new businesses, or those looking to start a business, to think about their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

In total, 180 businesses received the award of different sums; 12 of them were awarded £5,000, 12 were awarded £2,000 and 156 businesses were awarded £1,000.

These are the £5,000 award recipients:

East Region,

Central Region,

Mid & West Regions,

Business in Focus is proud to be delivering Focus Futures, a project that forms part of the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund. This project was developed to support local people to develop their skills and confidence in order to further their entrepreneurial pursuits. Focus Futures provides support and guidance to people looking to start their own business, access financial support and provide training and 1-2-1 guidance

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