Chloe’s Cakery Test Trading Success


Chloe Pye is the owner of Chloe’s Cakery, a plant-based, homemade bakery making the most delicious cakes. She set a goal to trial healthier bakes for her children to enjoy healthier treats but didn’t want to compromise on taste.   

With excellent feedback from family and friends, Chloe took the next steps and tested out her products on the high street, opening the doors to the pop-up shop on 1st of May 2022 at Shared Spaces Haverfordwest pop-up. The opening of Chloe’s Cakery coincided with Haverfoodfest, a local food and drink event in Pembrokeshire, the feedback Chloe received about her cakes was incredible. She sold over 100 cakes, making over £100 worth of sales on the first day. 

Chloe says “I’m really excited to have opened the pop-up shop in Shared Spaces Haverfordwest. It’s a huge opportunity and without it, I don’t think I would have got this business up and heading in the direction it’s going. Having the guidance and support team behind me makes me feel that this could be an actual success, and it has helped me believe in myself. The use of this shop has allowed me to discover what works, whilst also building my confidence, which I wouldn’t have found without Shared Spaces.”  

“Not knowing what I wanted to do, then over thinking and worrying is natural when you are new in business, but having it all broken down and in simple stages has helped me have a clearer vision. Shayne was excellent in helping to list pros and cons of my ideas. He helped me to focus on my product, showing me that it’s better to not add too much at the start.” added Chloe.