Celebrating Welsh Start Ups: The Dressmaker’s Daughter 


In this week’s celebration of Welsh Start-ups, we bring to you ‘The Dressmaker’s Daughter’, a vintage clothing and alterations store owned by Cheryl Griffiths.  

In today’s times of over consumption and consumerism, fast fashion has become a norm where people have access to everything at the click of a button. Cheryl Griffiths initially established her business in 1998 with a focus on dressmaking, creating clubwear outfits for dancers. The store slowly evolved into a fancy dress store which wasn’t really her dream. Cheryl always wanted to be a dressmaker and create a brand that would ditch fast fashion and be more sustainable and unique.

The pandemic gave Cheryl the time and opportunity to bring her plans to fruition. She wanted to be a part of the social enterprise, Circular Economy, mid Wales’ new concept store that focused on being a zero-waste upcycling shop. Cheryl built a studio at the back of the store, which also acted as an educational space for people to understand how to upcycle, recycle and turn old pieces of clothing into art. When asked about the concept, she said, “The whole model is based around sustainability. We want children growing up to know these things are accessible and inexpensive, and cost as little as a cup of coffee.” 

Her journey to success is truly inspiring.

If you have a dream to create a business, we can support you. At Business in Focus, we aim to recognise home-grown talent and celebrate Welsh start-ups.