Celebrating Welsh Start Ups: Sue Hatherley Hypnotherapy


This week, Business in Focus is proud to present Sue Hatherley Hypnotherapy. Read about her journey of starting her own business through numerous trials and tribulations. Sue’s determination led her to successfully open her own business.

Sue has overcome many barriers in her life to achieve her ambition of starting her own business. For Sue, this was a very personal journey as she was suffering from PTSD and sought hypnotherapy to treat her condition. She realised the difference it made to her life and decided to spread the word about its benefits. Sue’s passion for the cause led her to undertake training in hypnotherapy for clients tackling a range of issues, including anxiety, stress, stopping smoking, weight loss, dealing with phobias and PTSD.

After many years working in retail as a customer service adviser, then dealing with redundancy, Sue decided to turn her interest in hypnotherapy into a business. Having been on the receiving end of hypnotherapy, Sue understood the value it had in improving mental health conditions and decided to offer sessions both online and face-to-face, to make her service as accessible as possible.

Sue sought help from Business Wales and attended their ‘Starting and Running Your Own Business’ webinar and received one-to-one support from specialist business advisor, Melanie Phipps, with all aspects of becoming self-employed. With guidance and support, Sue received a Welsh Government’s Barriers to Start Up Grant of £1,855.06 towards her start-up costs.

Sue feels strongly that offering a quality service is a great benefit to her local community and has signed up to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge and the Equality Pledge. Her switch from the retail sector to hypnotherapy changed her life and gave her a chance to help her clients lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

At Business in Focus, we aim to recognise home-grown talent and celebrate Welsh start-ups. If you have a dream to create a business, we can support you.