Celebrating Welsh Start Ups: Lunch Locker  


In this series, we at Business in Focus aim recognise true, home-grown talent and celebrate Welsh Start-Ups. This week’s focus is on ‘Lunch Locker’ a unique, patented idea by founders and directors Peter Webber, Mike McLaughlin and Chris Yapp.  

Lunch Locker is an idea that was originally created in the 1970s when one of the directors created a fold-over lunch box. Fast forward to 2022 when Mike Mclaughlin, one of three directors of Lunch Locker realised that with today’s technology they could revamp and re-design the fold-over lunch box to create Lunch Locker. Lunch Locker is essentially a combination of sealed trays that can hold multiple food products in a foldable packaging system, allowing restaurants and food producers to deliver a ‘complete meal’. The box is 100% recyclable and can hold hot or cold food along with a Covid-safe hygiene kit and cutlery dining set complete with condiments.  

Today Lunch Locker is a patented product, but the process of patenting Lunch Locker was not easy. Looking for business advice, Mike heard about the Start-Up Academy delivered by Focus Newtown Enterprise Hub and turned to them for support to protect their innovative idea. With further support, Lunch Locker secured grant assistance grant assistance to get an IP audit completed to help with the patent process.

Through the Enterprise Hub, Lunch Locker spent an entire day at the Start-Up Academy drawing on the great support network and getting valuable advice to ensure their business plan was robust. Chris Yapp, director of Lunch Locker, says that the Start-Up Academy really helped sharpen his skills and since it was provided by Welsh Government, he had full confidence in the programme.

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