Celebrating Welsh Start Ups: Labode Interiors 


In this series, Business in Focus celebrates the achievements of entrepreneurs in Wales and their journey to success.

Labode Interior E-Design is a virtual home staging business that helps house builders and developers visualise their interior space through 3D designs, renders and panoramas.

Yvonne Phillips, the founder of Labode Interior E-design has always been fascinated and inspired by Interior Design. She graduated with a Diploma at the Interior Design Institute following a CAM Digital Marketing Diploma she gained through the Chartered Institute of Marketing. With these qualifications under her belt, she felt it was the perfect time to launch her business.

Yvonne saw an opportunity to start her own business when she was made redundant. When Yvonne started her journey building Labode Interior E-Design she was overwhelmed and felt alone as she was used to working in teams. She was keen to get some support and feedback from someone but all the help she received was mostly from businesses either trying to add her to their mailing list or trying to sell their services to her.

Yvonne reached out to the Focus Newtown Enterprise Hub for support and found the Hub to be an excellent place to receive business advice. The Hub also helped connect her to like-minded people who were also setting up their businesses which helped her network with people. Yvonne completed numerous courses and attended workshops organised by the Hub, which proved to be insightful and helped her to understand different parts of the business planning process.

With business support from the Hub and through collaboration with house builders and developers, Yvonne launched her business in 2020. She uses the latest web technologies and design trends to keep her clients one step ahead and continues to strengthen her offerings to her clients.

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