Shared Spaces Case Study – The Wannabe Heroes


Having a passion for gaming since a young age, Ceri Blythe had a vision of turning the anti-social activity into a social activity, encouraging local community engagement. In today’s society gaming can be considered as an anti-social activity, often consisting of sitting in a room by yourself playing with people you don’t know around the world.  

Ceri’s business idea is based around using the Amazon owned platform, Twitch, to generate a community of gamers and general supporters, raising money directly from Amazon, to funnel back into the community for local charitable projects. Ceri aspires to eventually run local leagues and competitions, with prizes to be given away.

With many business aspects and ideas to consider, Ceri contacted Shared Spaces Haverfordwest for start-up business support, ensuring his vision is viable. Ceri’s Business Advisor, Shayne Yates, provided 1-2-1 business advice and supported with the Barriers to Start-up grant application, which required developing a business plan.  

As well as successfully receiving the Barriers to Start-up grant to invest in setting up The Wannabe Heroes, Ceri has gained the knowledge and confidence to grow and expand his new business, which eventually will spread the word throughout the gaming community, allowing him to reach his goals and ambitions for the business.  

Ceri said:

“I would highly recommend discussing your business ideas with Shared Spaces Haverfordwest, if you have an interest in trying something for yourself. It was a very smooth process and if you don’t try, you are potentially missing out on trying to create and develop something you love.”