Rhys Williams

About Rhys

Rhys has dedicated 36 years of his career to NatWest Bank, primarily serving the South Wales area. Throughout the majority of his professional journey, he has collaborated with SME and Corporate businesses, playing a pivotal role in helping them realise their business and personal aspirations. At present, Rhys holds the position of leading the NatWest Commercial Business Team for Swansea and West Wales. He possesses a genuine passion for listening to business owners, continuously inspired and motivated by their entrepreneurial drive.

Originating from Cowbridge, Rhys both spent his childhood and continues to reside there. Within the community, he serves as the Chairman of the local football team and also holds a position as a Board member of the South Wales Football Association. Rhys is deeply committed to the promotion of grassroots football, seeking to benefit the community and foster participation in a secure and welcoming environment.