Celebrating Welsh Start-ups: Happy Lotus Acupuncture


In this week’s celebration of Welsh start-ups, we present to you, Happy Lotus Acupuncture by Rhian de Oliveira.  

Navigating through numerous challenges, Rhian de Oliveira, a healthcare support worker founded Happy Lotus Acupuncture, a place for natural healing using traditional medicine.  The business provides personal care to people depending on their needs, using acupuncture and other traditional medicine techniques like a Swedish massage. 

Rhian came up with the idea of starting her own business when she had a discussion with a colleague pursuing a similar career. She wanted to be a business owner in charge of her own hours.  

Her journey to success wasn’t easy or smooth. She faced many challenges to overcome when she started her journey in 2015. She had to return to school to study for her bachelor’s degree while also caring for a new born baby. In addition to this she was diagnosed with a learning disability – Dyslexia. Rhian learned to manage her newly diagnosed dyslexia, which she discovered, was the reason for her struggles with written assignments in the past. Her self-awareness and determination to push through these tough years eventually led to her success, and in 2020, she achieved a first-class degree in acupuncture with honours. 

With immense support and guidance from our Start Up Loans Business Advisor, Craig Tamplin she was granted a loan and could successfully open her dream business, Happy Lotus Acupuncture in May 2022. It was sheer will and determination Rhian showed to pursue her dreams that allowed her to overcome all barriers and open her own business.  

Today, Rhian is focused on building her client base. She plans to open a full-time clinic and intends to give back to the community through her services. By working with a local social enterprise, Happy Lotus plans to offer free clinics to people who cannot afford her services. She also has big plans of offering wellness retreats in the near future, which will include a week of acupuncture treatments, yoga, meditation, and excellent quality food provided in the tranquil surroundings of the Welsh countryside.   

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