Blooming Wonderfull in Shared Spaces Haverfordwest


Husband and wife team, Colin and Abigail Nash, our first traders in the pop-up shop create bespoke arts and crafts such as unique flower bouquets, hampers, gift items and beautiful stained glass. They were trading in the pop-up throughout November and December and aim to find a more permanent trading location in the town.

Blooming Wonderfull, Abigail Nash

“Having fallen in love with Haverfordwest and choosing to relocate here, we’re really grateful to have had this opportunity to trade in Haverfordwest town centre. We have a great range of unique products that are ideal as Christmas or birthday gifts, as well as items that would look great around the house. All products are locally produced with many being upcycled into attractive pieces of work.”

Test Trading

“It allowed us to assess products that sold and areas that did not sell so well. Moreover it allowed us to assess our own personal strengths and weaknesses in all practical aspects of running a retail shop from organization to creating customer relationships. It has given us the confidence to move forward with a refined business model based on our experiences in the popup shop.”

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