Equality & Diversity

As a business support services provider Business in Focus is fully committed to best practice in Equality and Diversity and we have actively:

  • Revised all of our Equality and Diversity policies to reflect best practice and new legislation
  • Established close working relationships with under-represented group organisations across South East Wales to support a diverse community
  • Supported by the Welsh Government successfully achieved the Commitment to Equality (C2E) standard in December 2010, and the further Gold standard in February 2012, which ensures that, as a business support provider, we provide service provision to the whole community, promoting and encouraging work with under-represented groups, and ensuring we follow best practice as an employer
  • Introduced a stringent Welsh language policy and have registered with the Welsh Language Board as a company 'Investing in Welsh'
  • Actively promoted the Welsh language introducing bi-lingual content to all of our business cards, training flyers, phone answering service, and signage around the business
  • Been working hard to produce a Welsh language version of our website which will be available soon.
C2E Chwarae Teg